Girls love to dress up and look good all the time but the biting cold of the icy winter months can take away an opportunity to dress up as we want. The layers we put on make us look bulkier and bloated if anything, and it becomes just so hard to bundle up. You know what! The winter fashion tips we are stating down here will help all you girls look your best even when the temperatures are freezing. No more of those bulky sweaters, coats and boots that make you look like a haphazard snow-woman.

Use your summer Wardrobe

Wear your strapless or noodle strap summer dress or midi over a fitted black, white or dark blue turtleneck or high neck bottom — a flawless way to extend your summer wardrobe and stay toasty!

Don’t forget your Mini Skirt

Opt for thick opaque stockings that are easily available in the market these days; they can be bought at dirt cheap rates and are a perfect addition to a winter wardrobe. Use these to wear it with your short skirts that you generally wear during the hotter months.  These thick stockings are available in various bright colors too.

Pick the perfect overcoat

This one time investment will give returns for many winters to come. Invest in not just any but a thigh length peacoat; it will keep you warm without a draft. And for an even more dramatic fashion-forward look, try a calf-length coat. Lend your boring ill fitted overcoat to someone else while you look trendy in yours. Buy these in the most preferred black, grey, brown or red color. Do it differently by wearing a green or pink overcoat to stand out in gatherings.

Accessorize your warmth

There is an abundance of cold weather accessories like hats, gloves, scarves in the winter months and they are the easiest way to enhance your look and be stylish. Besides, this simplest fashion tip will keep you immensely warm too. You might be wearing the same sweater or coat everyday to work but accessorizing it with new mufflers, scarves and caps, will change the entire look. Tuck them inside or you leave them on as part of your outfit.

Oversized sweaters

Borrow your boyfriend’s sweaters and look chic. Wondering how? Well, these oversized thigh length sweaters can be teamed up a simple pair of leggings to carry a most relaxed and inexpensive yet highly fashionable look. Wear leather belts over it to accessorize it. Plus a cute braid will suit this look perfectly.


We girls love furs so how could we not include furs here. But here’s something you might have not tried. Throw in a fur-vest rather than wearing a fur coat that will only have some fur around your neck or hood. Fur vests (faux, of course) are extremely stylish and can be paired well over a thin top or a not so bulky high-neck sweater. Warm without the bulk – you will love it!

Where’s the Leather baby

What’s winter without some leather. Leather dresses and pencil skirts are on-trend right now. Wear them for a party and be the center of attraction. A black pencil skirt in leather will look fantastic with a polka dot black and white top. The best part, it won’t just make you look glamorous but will also keep you warm.

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